Rockwell Collins FTC Team Grants

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Rockwell Collins FTC Team Grants

Post by Admin on Tue May 27, 2014 11:14 am

When can we apply for the Rockwell Collins FTC Grants?
The application processed is open. Please visit the Rockwell Collins FIRST Grant website.

How many Rockwell Collins FTC Grants can our school apply for?

  • Rockwell Collins will support up to two (2) teams per organization.
  • If your team was a rookie last season, you qualify for a Rockwell Collins Returning Team grant.
  • If your team was a rookie prior to the 2013-2014 season, your team does not qualify for a Rockwell Collins Returning team grant.
  • If you had one team which already received two years of funding, and you start up second team, you must continue to maintain the first team. Your new - or second team - will qualify for a Rockwell Collins Rookie Grant.

Rockwell Collins Innovation Grants
New for 2014-2015, teams with certain eligibility can seek additional funding through Rockwell Collins.
These grants, in the amount of $500, will be applied to the team’s FIRST account for product ordered through TIMS.

  • Eligibility mark
  • Teams with Free/Reduced Lunch status
  • Teams with underrepresented minority and/or female students
  • Teams located in rural (population <3,000) or urban communities (population >65,000) Based on 2010 US Census
  • Teams with a Rockwell Collins mentor - Must identify name of mentor
  • Teams with a mentor from another industry - Must identify company and name of mentor

When will we hear about the Rockwell Collins FTC Grants?
Historically, teams have heard within two weeks - or 10 business days - after submitting their application through Rockwell Collins.

When can we register with FIRST?
It is important to note that teams who apply for Rockwell Collins FTC Grants should NOT register with FIRST until they receive notification about the status of their Rockwell Collins Grant application.

When will my LEA receive the funds?
Rockwell Collins funds are housed at FIRST. Funds are not directly sent to the LEA, but they are credited to the team’s FIRST account.

We are a rookie team. What does the Rockwell Collins Rookie Grant include?
The Rockwell Collins Rookie grant includes the robotic kit-of-parts. After you are approved for the grant, you will then register with FIRST. From that point, you will order your kit with a special code. This code will cover the kit-of-parts and it will be sent to your location.

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